Voom Vape Cyprus

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Electronic Cigarette - Hookah

Main Features

Number of inhalations

1200 inhalations

Nicotine content

0mg/ml Nicotine!


No charging, no refill fluids!

Number of Flavours

15+ nicotine-free flavours


Protect the environment


Durable device / long life

Our products

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Welcome to our store! There are many electronic cigarettes, e-liquids, accessories and vaping accessories in our store. Our customers appreciate us for a wide range of products: in our network there are products both premium segment and middle and budget categories at the same time.

Voom Vape

We are committed to helping smokers reduce or stop smoking as well as the harmful effects of smoke by offering a similar smoking experience through non-nicotine and nicotine electronic cigarettes.


Frequently Asked Questions

Disposable electronic cigarette with an elegant and innovative design. The VOOM vape is lightweight and attractive, manufactured according to EUCEG requirements. It is activated by inhalation and has a bright operation indicator. The VOOM vape is always ready to use as it does not need charging and refilling with liquid.

Our devices meet all the specifications according to the EUCEG requirements. They are specially designed so that the addition of liquid or other components is not allowed. The device is intended for a single use and is not rechargeable.
• ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 for design and quality management system
• CE – Certificate of Conformity (According to the EMC Directives 2014/30/EU)
• Battery and transport certificates
• Safety Data Sheets according to Regulations 1907/2006/EC (REACH) Article 31, (EE) 2020/878 and 1272/2008/EC (CLP)
• TPD (Tobacco Products Directive) Declarations

VOOM VAPE is exclusively addressed to persons over 18 years of age. Its sale to minors is prohibited and its use is not recommended for non-smokers.

The VOOM VAPE is intended for single use and is not rechargeable. It contains a 650 mAh battery. When the device will no longer produce steam, it should be disposed of in special disposal areas in accordance with the applicable legislation.

VOOM VAPE has 15+ flavor options, offering a wide variety to satisfy every customer. The flavors are constantly renewed.

VOOM VAPE includes in its sales and B2B partnerships with companies for the supply of our products. Enter your details on the special platform on our website and we will contact you. VOOM VAPE aims at long-term partners with the goal of trust and professionalism.

Instructions for Use:
Remove the device from the packaging. The device is ready for use after removing the rubber cap and the sticker on the underside. The device is disposable, is not charged and is automatically activated when you pull it from the mouth. The light of the device lights up when used for a long time, use it wisely and in moderation. After the suction is exhausted, the device stops working.
Safety instructions:
Store in a dry and ventilated place. This product should not be exposed to temperatures above 40 degrees. Do not disassemble, bend or knock this product as there is a risk of burns or explosion. Do not use if the integrity of the product has been damaged and there is a leak. Dispose of contents at designated locations and/or recycle.
Keep away from children and pets. This product is not recommended for non-smokers and is not intended for use by persons under 18 years of age, pregnant or breastfeeding women, persons with cardiovascular or respiratory problems.
In case of ingestion of device parts or adverse reactions, contact your doctor immediately.

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