Voom Vape - 0% Nicotine

Peach with Strawberry Ice

Wonderful frozen peach and strawberry mixture!

BlueBerry Ice

Rich and slightly acidic Blueberry flavor that you will fall in love with!

MixBerry Ice

A tasty extravaganza, with flavours of the forest!

Watermelon Ice

What could be better than a piece of cold and juicy watermelon?

Mango Ice

Give your senses a tropical feel!

Peach Ice

Juicy and soft, as it should be!

Pineapple Lemon Ice

And sweet, and sour and VOOM!

Yummy Gum

A piece of gum, please!

Ice Mint

More freshness for today Try the iciest taste!


Classic tobacco taste!

Vanilla Ice Cream

Everybody likes it, the ICE CREAM!

Milk & Coffee

Do you like the aroma of coffee in the early morning?

Sweet Melon Ice

The sweetest melon you have ever tasted!

Grape Ice

Stimulate your senses with the unique taste of grape and mint. Simply classic!